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Stars Wrestling Club is a youth team dedicated to the sport of Boys and Girls youth wrestling located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
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Today's Young Athletes
Face Many Challenges

Anxiety from COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our everyday lives in a way most children have never experienced. Suddenly pulled out of school and unable to see their friends, children and teens felt isolated, anxious and even depressed.

Self-Control & ADHD

When kids lose their cool, they lose focus, their anxiety increases, and the mind-body control needed for muscle memory can vanish. Learning to handle emotions is just as important to your child’s success as learning athletic skills.

Confidence & Bullying

Getting bullied is a traumatic experience for a child. It diminishes self-esteem, leaves kids feeling depressed and anxious, and can have long-lasting effects. And, of course, modern technology creates more opportunities for bullying than ever before.

Lack of Nutrition

Young wrestlers may be at nutritional risk, due to their high nutrient needs and unhealthy eating behaviors. This may be more serious in adolescent wrestlers, as their bodies must meet both intensive growth demands and training requirements at the same time.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Video games, television and social media surfing creates a young adult who, if we look under the hood, will display poor health biomarkers like Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and VO2 Max, while also being void of the movement competence that will allow them to be successful, healthy athletes both within wrestling and over the course of their life.

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Introducing Stars Wrestling Club

At Stars Wrestling Club we try to foster an environment of fun and genuine care for all our athletes. You will grow in confidence, strength, health, and gain the ability to defend yourself and those in need. Though in many ways wrestling is an invividual sport, we work to build a team environment in which all athletes are involved and valued.
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Our Wrestling Programs

Choose From Our High Level Training Programs

Youth (4-12)
Youth (4-12)
Youth classes focus on introducing new wrestlers to the sport and the continued development of more experienced wrestlers.
Teen (13-17)
Teen (13-17)
Teen classes are open to athletes with at least two years of experience OR who are over the age of 13. Classes focus on honing fundamentals while introducing additional techniques.
Adult (18+)
Adult (18+)
Adult classes focus on bringing together past wrestlers with adults interested in learning the basics of the sport.
Come on out and have some fun while learning the best sport in the world!

Why Choose Stars?

Stars Wrestling Club is a dynamic, growing organization dedicated to the advancement of amateur wrestling in the United States. We teach young boys and girls self-control and positive ways to harness their energy. Confidence and the ability to protect themselves and others as well as providing physical fitness. Wrestling is a fun activity that promotes good health and doesn’t involve a screen!

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Wht Choose Stars Wrestling of Murfreesboro?

Don't Hesitate! Invest In Your Childs Future

As a parent, you place your child’s development ahead of everything. Stars Wrestling Club does the same. Under the guidance of our certified coaches, your child will learn to handle challenges—both on and off the mat—leaving you amazed at their transformation during the course of a single season.

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Become A Champion
Empowered, Confident & Successful

Believe in yourself no matter what happens. You must believe you can win when you step on the mat as well as when you fall behind. Never doubt yourself. But learning and understanding the game will only benefit you if you have pushed yourself to higher mental and physical thresholds daily throughout the season. Let Stars Wrestling Club mentor, motivate and prepare you or your child for a successful season in wrestling and in life!